Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where have all the flowers gone...

Over a week ago I got this lovely bouquet... but like always the pretty flowers start to droop after a while - and always too soon! I wasn't ready to part from them yet, so I adjusted the assembly a bit. Now I've got floating flowers to cheer me up every morning (and dinner time). I think they'll last at least another week.

It's also a great way to use my Taalari bowl (design Tamara Aladin for Riihimäen Lasi in 1968). I'm guessing this one is from late sixties or very early seventies... They did make these until 1980's, but since this one was transferred to my granmother's summer cottage already in the seventies (there's pictures to proof) I think it wasn't new anymore at that time. Nothing New ever made it's way there. I also know there's little dessert bowls to match somewhere but I haven't got those yet.

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