Sunday, May 27, 2012

Canvas sneaker revamp

The sun is shining and I feel like dancing! 
I love to wear heels but a girl's gotta have some flats too, especially in summertime when dancing outside on rough wooden floors. Simple sneakers are great for dancing, but they can look too sporty to wear with a skirt or a dress, so I turned my plain sneakers into a canvas for artistic experiments.

I used craft paints suitable for wood, paper etc. and a white fabric marker for sharpening the outlines of my drawings. I googled "old skool tattoos" and "tattoo shoes" for artwork ideas. I pretty much just copied what I liked and thought I can draw on such small space with equipment I already had.

Here are the ready ones, they look the same but not so much that it'll look factory made. I'd love to try this on pumps too, but I need more practice and finer brushes.

Put on your dancing shoes!

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