Thursday, May 10, 2012

Safety First

It's bicycle time! Last summer I cycled to work for about two months and this summer I hope to make it at least three. We'll see how that goes because I have some obstacles in the way. The biggest one in my case is birch pollen. I'm so allergic I get a fever if I stay out too long during the season. Not so good for doing outdoor sports.

My route to work is not super long, only about 7 to 8 kilometres, but I live on a huge hill. That's not so bad when I'm riding towards the city and it's mostly downhill, but I really get to pay for the easy part every afternoon I climb back uphill. I actually like that part very much, it gives me distance from all work related thoughts. ;)

I've never owned a bicycle helmet. I have a big head and those things tend to be very bulky and also very ugly. Last summer was the first time I started thinking if I should get one. While I cycle more, there's more chance that something happens - and I really love my brain.

Yesterday I finally saw a cool and pretty helmet - with a vintage flair! My friend had ordered a Nutcase helmet (Star Bright) online and I think I finally found what I've been looking for. Yay! Look at all these different designs they have!

For more designs and other info visit either their US or European site. On the sites you can also search for stores near you. I found out that there are two stores in my area selling these helmets. Super YAY!

And my favorites? Well, I liked these three best:

Watermelon is simply funny, the classic joke. Blue Star looks like something I'd want to wear if i was doing roller derby. Very cute without being overly girly. But I guess I'll go with Silver Fly. It has this certain vintage circus Human Cannonball or Globe of Death Driver spirit. I think it looks somehow vintage style heroic. (I know I'll feel like a superhero everytime I get home from work on my bike.)

Now... Before I've even actually posted this I've got some comments. People (You know who you are!) are telling me I should check more manufacturers. So here it goes…

Giro also has four fun retro designs: Reverb, Surface, Section and Flak.

I'm loving their Surface with it's tiny visor. Aww! And striped Reverb reminds me of vintage cycling caps.

Now that the Pandora's Box has been opened, I decided to check if there was still more stuff worth to mention. That's when I stumbled into the ultimate winner of this race, Danish company named Yakkay. Their basic helmet is just super, see?

Plus that they've got helmet covers to mix and match. Hats! How stylish! Even (fake) fur hats!

You can build your own combination on theri website… Here's what I would choose:

White helmet with Milano Blue Denim cover. The price is a whoopin' €122.5, so I won't be ordering anytime soon ... If you're not ready to pay that much there's also a helmet option that is designed to only work with a cover and those are a bit easier on your credid card.

But my mind is still made up. I want my Silver Fly!

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