Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Femme Fatale lace earrings DIY

I saw some cool lace earrings on Etsy that cost 20 $. They'd be the perfect  accessory to wear in a Milonga (Argentine tango event) with a nice dress. But before adding those earrings to cart I decided to give it a go and try making a pair myself. They turned out fine!

I think they'd look better if the lace had more volatile pattern in it, but it's fine like this for me.

How-to: Cut two identical pieces following the pattern in the lace. The lace needs to be starched with something that doesn't have color when dried (sugar water or glue water). First I tried sugar and water and then tried glue water for another pair. Glue (water based craft glue) worked better I think. I didn't measure the glue, just put some on a plate and added little bit of water to form a liquid. I soaked the lace pieces there for a while (10 minutes or so) and then placed them over a plastic film to dry. The lace is now firm, but not scratchy hard.
The part where you place the hook needs to be reinforced so that the lace doesn't start to fray. Hand stitching works fine here.

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