Saturday, August 13, 2011

My earrings are so fabulous I got to frame them!

I recently found one of my picture frames with broken glass. Marilyn had to go, but I didn't want to waste a perfectly good frame. It's plain black wooden frame, there's not much to see in the frame itself, so I decided to try how it would work as an earring display.

Once again, I didn't want to wait for the next day and go to the store for some material. Instead I tried to find some useful stuff from my "crafts stash". I ended up using black felt and black rick rack.

How-to: Rick rack works very well here, I just sewed the "uphills" to the felt and let the "downhills" be loose - that's where the earring will hang.
After hand sewing the rickracs on their place I glued the felt on the picture frame background with fabric glue. worked like a charm!

notes: If you got a white frame, try for example white linen with white lace.
If you're wondering what's rick rack - It's a flat braid in wavy form, used in sewing projects for finishing and decorating.

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