Friday, August 5, 2011

Blue days

You all know how it goes... Sometimes one can go on for weeks circling charity shops and flea markets without actually finding anything worth buying. (Usually happens to me when I'm searching for something specific.)

Today I decided just to make a little round (and not to buy anything) in a Red Cross charity shop Kontti after dropping off some old books and household items that I had no use for anymore. Then I saw these...

And the decision about not buying anything was pretty much gone. Baby blue petticoat and pale blue (unused) set of camisole and bloomers. Oh my (vintage) goodness!

Did I mention that I was actually looking for a straw hat for a millinery project? Didn't get it. I'm just so easily distracted when it comes to pretty things.

I did also found a very cute dress from 70's, but more about that later...

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