Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crafty time!

Today I managed to complete few projects that have been waiting for the right time.

First I took my trusty hammer, two nails, two old toy cars and a wreath base... I've had that base for years (leftover from some crafting project) and the wooden toy cars are from my childhood. I thought it would be nice to keep them, but I hate cluttering surfaces with tiny decoration items, so I had to come up with something.

 Few minutes later I had simple but cute wreath to decorate my door. And I get to keep my toys. ;)

I got two small Singer charms some time ago (a very thoughtful present from Marmalade) and I've been aching to make earrings out of them every time I see them. So... Today I went to a small store near my place that has amazing collection of glass pearls. I picked two beautiful square ones (and some more, but let's not go there right now...) and voilà - I've got a set of earrings.

Completing a project is always so sweet!

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