Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas preparations

I love the holiday season and start singing Santa Baby already in November, so in my world, it's Christmas already. I love wrapping presents, especially now when Pinterest is full of cool ideas. One of my favorites this year is making a fold in wrapping paper, so you can slide the card inside the fold.

Here's my most recent gift wrapping idea: Tea bag inspired gift tag. I just cut a blank gift tag shorter and drew a tea cup on it and a text "for perfect mornings". Can't tell you yet what the gift contains, sorry!

I've tried to keep decorations to minimum this year, but I couldn't resist making a ginger bread house. I think there was some miscalculation with the roof size though...

The only Christmas decoration allowed in my kitchen, polka dot hearts.

And Washi tape around the glass jar lids.

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