Saturday, April 28, 2012

T-shirt revamp


I was going through my closet and found two t-shirts I no longer like to wear. The other one is plain black and the other has red and white stripes. I like stripy t-shirts in the summer, but this one looks boring. So I decided to see if I can make something cool and wearable out of them! In case you want to make one too, here are the details:
Pin the new neckline in desired shape. fold & cut excess fabric off.
Bias cut the other t-shirt into two strips (the t-shirt I used was too tiny for one long ribbon).

 Sew two pieces together to form a long ribbon. Pin in reverse, sew along the edge. Turn t-shirt's right side up, fold the ribbon and pin in place. Use elastic stitch to sew in place along the edge of folded ribbon. Leave an opening if you want to add elastic cord in the neckline for better fit.

For the bow: Cut approx. 18 cm x 18 cm (7 inch) square, fold in two, sew around (leave a hole in middle for turning). After turning hand stitch the hole. cut another piece approx 6 x 8 cm for attaching the bow, fold, sew and turn right side up. Hand stich the bow in place.


Notes: I only used one side of the black t-shirt for this project, so I could easily make another one like this with the left over fabric, just need to find another t-shirt that needs revamping! 


  1. I would really like to make this, but I can hardly see anything from the pictures :(

    1. Sorry about that. The pictures get bigger when you click them. There are quite a few detailed tutorials online for "how to sew a neckline to a t-shirt" and you can probably use other techniques as well and achieve the same look.