Thursday, July 7, 2011

New life for old dancing shoes

I bought these used dancing shoes about a year ago and did not quite like the plain white color.
At first I thought I could paint them with silk colors or draw some pattern in them but I was worried the outcome would not be neat. Then I came up with an idea of attaching some ribbons or fabric on them. I found this light weight brown lace from the local craft shop and decided to try to glue it on.

Here are some tips if you like to do the same for your shoes:

I removed the t-strap to make the shoes look more like tango shoes (1.)

Cut a piece from the lace, and try it on the shoe in different angles (2.)

Pin the lace on the shoe and cut off excess (3.)

Glue the trimmed end first (it would have been easier to use lace ribbon instead of this one I used, since this was too wide for the shoe and it had to be cut), be careful with the glue, it gets everywhere.
Trim the sides so that there’s only about 2 mm extra lace, use pins to tuck the ends between sole and the shoe, use the glue generously here (4.)

Be careful not to leave any bumps on the inside of the shoe if you fold the lace and glue it there (that’s how I did it)

Here's the outcome:

Some thoughts: I think the shoe would look nice if there’d be some color on the heel part too. I’m still looking for rhinestones or such to complete the new look.

I’ve danced argentine tango wearing these and even got stepped on a few times and the lace stayed put. Bad for my toes, but good to know the glue holds well.

Summary in finnish: Käytin Gutermannin kangasliimaa tuunatakseni vanhat lattarikengät tangokuntoon. Ennen liimaamista kangasta kannattaa sovitella eri kulmissa kengän päälle. Helpointa on käyttää kapeampaa pitsinauhaa, jolloin ei joudu taittamaan pitsiä kengän sisäpuolelle. Kengän reunoissa käytin runsaammin liimaa ja painelin neulaa apuna käyttäen pitsin pohjan ja kengän pääliosan väliin. Pitsi ja liima löytyivät Tampereen Kauppahallin nappikaupasta.

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